So–How’s It REALLY Going?

Several of you have asked me "How is it going?".   Our lives have been in flux this year.  The first part we spent going back and forth from Iowa to Ohio to help out with Chris's dad whose health was failing. The second half of the year we actually relocated to the family home in Ohio and are in the throes of settling the estate following his death in August.  As many of you know Chris has a 42 year old brother with Down Syndrome who lived with his dad and can not live independently.  We are … [Read more...]

Sacrifice or Service?

Last night I went to church and got the imposition of ashes on my forehead.  For some reason this is one worship service that I just will not miss every year if possible.   Last night's service was presented to us by our confirmation class and while at times it may have been difficult to hear the nervous teens read their lines the emphasis was the same as every year---focus on the period before Easter by fasting, repentance, spiritual discipline and moderation. I have a couple … [Read more...]