Resurrection –7 Days–Give or Take

Someone up there is messing with me.   Seriously.  I don't need drama in my life now.  I have enough, thank you very much!  (I really don't but I wanted you all to feel sorry for me!)   You all know the story about Smiley the Hermit Crab.  If you don't or need your memory refreshed check out my blog post on this day.    It was a miracle.  The neatest thing ever.  Smiley even left me an I love you message in the mint where I had banished his empty shell...or so I thought. Today I came home to … [Read more...]

Five Years Later: Hurricane Katrina | USA TODAY

I know, I know! It is Sunday morning and I am surfing so I am happening upon a lot of things to read and write and post about! But this one from USA Today really hit me. I am sure it has been on their site for some time but I just got around to it today. This multi media piece documents Katrina Five Years Later and is one of the best pieces I have seen done. While it is realistic and shows so much of the devastation that we can not begin to imagine unless we have actually been … [Read more...]