Pastime with Pro’s and A Hungry Mind

Who doesn't love a blog post that features food?  Today I decided to share three local places that Chris and I have eaten in the past few weeks.  We find ourselves having "date nights" and "lunch dates" these days and are trying to explore some of the area eateries that we don't frequent too often.  Today I will share 3 of those little places with you and tempt you with pictures of lovely food in technicolor. First stop---Pastime Gardens located on S. Madison in Mason City. I had been to this … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Our food number table marker at the restaurant at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.  Pretty cool, huh??? … [Read more...]

Seaweed, Squid, and Succulent

Oh my goodness!  If you would have told me that I could fall in love again I would have denied it.  The hub is the only one for me. happened last night in Austin.  I fell in love.  Maybe not quite the same kind of love that I have for the man in my life but still it is love.  And if you had told me it would be with sushi I would have laughed in your face.  But it is true. Maybe my palate has become heightened in this whole weight consciousness thing or something---I don't know.  I … [Read more...]

Wrong Car—-Right Restaurant

Last night we decided we wanted to go eat at Bess Bistro on Pecan. Looked like a great choice with some yummy things on the menu. I read a lot of reviews and they were very mixed but then some foodies can be pretty brutal when it comes to writing reviews so we thought we would give it a go. Add to it that it is Sandra Bullock's restaurant and that swayed our choice a little bit, too, to just be able to dine at a celebrity's place even though there was no chance of seeing said … [Read more...]

N.C. may allow dining with pets –

Got a chuckle out of this article this morning----not so much out of the article but out of the comments that follow the article!   Guess there is a debate going on in North Carolina concerning allowing diners at restaurants to bring their dogs and cats to dine with them al fresco.   That means outside dining, folks!!!  Of course many of the comments are irrelevant and some of the folks just plain did not read the article.   From there they jump to conclusions about what the changes to the … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Can Get Something for Free—Just When You Need it Most!

I am a firm supporter of doing for others who are down on their luck. I think I passed that trait along to Aaron who at times will give the change out of his car to a homeless person or share a sandwich and drink with someone who is hungry. That is a good trait and I always give with the idea that once I give it it is no longer mine and totally up to that person what to do with it----I do not pass judgment! Or at least I TRY not to pass judgment! You just never truly know someone's … [Read more...]

Kewpee Rocks!

So if anyone out there has never experienced a Kewpee burger you have never experienced the best burger ever!!! Today we took Aaron to the downtown original Kewpee in Lima to experience the ambiance. They were not busy when we were there which was kind of nice because we were able to talk a bit to some of the counter ladies and found out that it is a small world after all! (Sing with me!) One of the ladies we talked to had lived in the upstairs of a house that Chris's great grandmother had … [Read more...]