Slightly Savory Saturday

I love summer time because we can grill out more easily.  Living in Iowa limits the outside grilling months dramatically because honestly---who wants to go dig the grill out from underneath the snow piles?  Just wait till I make the move to Texas--baby--the grilling will be on all the time! But I digress. Did you know that you can grill just about anything and make a tasty addition to your meat entree?  On a recent grilling night we grilled up some green beans and mushrooms and they were … [Read more...]

An Unlikely Combo

I am always trying new recipes.  The problem is that with just Chris and I and half the time, just I, it is hard to cook in appropriate quantities.  As a result I end up eating said food for the entire week so hopefully it is a good recipe!  This past week have tried a couple of new recipes that I LOVE so I thought I would share. The first is a bit odd---I will admit but we both loved it and it is definitely a keeper.  Hang in there with me and give it a chance! Paul Qui's Brussel … [Read more...]

It’s All Good

I think I found my mother's twin today!  Right in my back yard.  Well, actually ---kind of in my front yard diagonally and about half a mile.  Still with me?   I had to go get some goodies to start preparations for my fabulous lunch of White Bean Swiss Chard soup for my main squeeze so I headed out to HyVee.  Now our HyVee has the great practice of giving the customer 5 cents credit for each and every bag that they bring in to use.  I have quite a collection of these fabulous bags since that is … [Read more...]

Sweet Awards, Ramses Horns and Warm Hats

What the heck?  What is going on here???  What kind of crazy title is that?  After a couple weeks of not doing much at all housewise we decided today was the day.  I hate disorganization and clutter and we are in the midst of both.  ARGHHHH!   But first--before I start on that rant let me tell you that my sweet blogger friend Bernie at One Mixed Bag gave me an award!!! Woo hoo! Because she was the recipient of said award it was up to her to pass it along to 5 more bloggers and she picked ME! … [Read more...]

Nun Fun and Mahi Mahi

Did you ever see something that just lifted your spirits and made the day happier?  I have been so pulled in by all that is going on Japan the past week and it has been weighing on me heavily as it has been on many folks.  That is the down part of having a big heart.  I just feel things deeply and want to "do" something to help.  But for now I can only wait and pray.  So yesterday on a foray out into the metropolis that I can my community now I had the opportunity to smile. I was walking … [Read more...]

Epic Food Fail

I pride myself in thinking that I am a fairly good cook.  Oh sure I had some failures as a teenager when I was learning to cook.  I mean I know my family will still remember Strawberry Rock and Banana Hunk but those were minor occurrences . But I moved on and felt that I had mastered cooking fairly well. That is until yesterday.   Oh sure I have my not so great looking dishes but for the most part they turn out well and taste good.  Hence the reason Chris and I are both watching our weight now,  … [Read more...]

Think Spring!!!

We decided that we could just not get our act together in December to have a party for the folks that work with Chris.  There was just too much we had to do and we were going to be gone too much to make it work so we opted for the post Christmas celebration.  Last weekend we held a Think Spring party and had a blast!  Of course I found all kinds of great things that I wanted to cook and prepare and as I rattled off the list to Chris he just looked at me incredulously and said "That is way too … [Read more...]