Signs on the Pavement of Things to Come

When I came home from Minneapolis on Wednesday I had to dodge orange cones or witches hats as they call them in Australia. The road that goes in front of our house was littered with them --carefully protecting the newly painted signs on the pavement that signaled to me that something big is going to be passing through Mason City in July. RAGBRAI is a big deal. When we first moved here I heard talk of RAGBRAI but had absolutely no idea what it was.  It is a non competitive bicycle race across … [Read more...]

The New Fashion for Biking?

I am always happy to share my eclectic finds with my readers.  I am a giver like that, you know???  When I read this article in the Wall Street Journal magazine I was amazed that I did not come up with this fashionable idea myself.  I am sure these products are going to be leaping off the shelves at approximately $609 each.  Who says you have to have helmet hair?   Who says that biking can not be where you make your own fashion statement??? Two Swedish designers have come up with possibly the … [Read more...]