Friday Fun from Feeling Beachie

It's Friday already again and after some tussles with my laptop this morning I am finally up and running.  Someone, and that someone shall remain nameless, walked across my open laptop last night repeatedly and things were being typed in invisible ink this morning when I arose.  Well....I got it fixed and THIS someone will not forget to close her laptop again!!!  :-) As always I am joining Hilary for her Friday blog hop.  It is always great fun to see what blanks there are to fill in each … [Read more...]

The 100th Follow Friday Fill In Fun !!!!

It's blog hop time at Feeling Beachie so hop over there to join up on the linky and get your blog listed!!!  It is a great way to meet new friends and find out some fun facts about them!!!  This week I am the co host and it is Hilary's 100th blog hop so tell her congrats when you swing by! The statements are: 1.       I can’t believe____ 2.       I never liked the TV Show _____ 3.       If I were a ____________I would most definitely __________. 4.       I ____________ when I … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge—Day 5

  Yet another post in my series of the 3o Day Challenge!! This time questions 21-25!!!! 21. How you hope your future will be... filled with lots of love and happiness, time on beaches with family and friends, financial security and a lot of great activities that help others. 22. Your academics: elementary school but no kindergarten which was not available to me where we lived at the time, middle / jr high and high school, graduated from Ohio Northern University and have never … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge—Day 3

Questions 11- 15 today to continue on with my Saturday posts of this challenge!!! 11. My family:  My parents--Mom still living, Dad died in 1994 (wow--how could it be that long ago already?), an older sister and two older brothers (yes--I am the baby and that explains it ALL!), husband of 30 years and 2 grown sons aged 24 and 27.  Oh and yes--two feline companions! 12.Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive:  Oh this will be fun!!! Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins from Friday Night … [Read more...]

It’s Monday! Time for Blog Hoppin’!!!

    Java at Never Growing Old does a Monday blog hop that I love to participate in. It seems like bloggers bear their souls sometimes but yet don't really always tell you anything! So here are my answers to Java's 4 questions of the day!!! 1. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? That is an easy one!  My wedding ring and engagement ring.  Have had them on together for almost 29 years and don't plan to take them off...ever!   I love them.  I am not a material girl but my rings … [Read more...]

Meet Me On Monday

Thanks to Java who provided the questions today for Meet Me on Monday from Never Growing Old blog (sorry links are not posting correctly)--- Join in!!! Let me know YOUR answers: 1. Have you (only you..not a group) ever won first place in anything? When I was in grade school--4th grade to be exact---I won 1st place in the 4 H county fair exhibition for ...wait for it......Snacking and Packing. I am the queen of snacking and packing if anyone cares. I had prepared an egg salad … [Read more...]