A Boy and His Dog

There are few things in life more precious than seeing a boy who truly loves his dog.  This past week my mom and sister and I were witness to the greatest love I have seen for awhile of that.   We were sitting on a bench by Lake Erie when this young man, probably about 10 0r so, came down with his dog.  To get to the water you have to climb the jagged rocks and they picked their way to the water slowly.  He was trying to coax her into the water and she was a bit timid about it.  Then he made the … [Read more...]

What’s A Momma to Do?

I freely admit I have been a wreck the past couple of days.  That is why I didn't do the usual Follow Friday Fill In hop from Hilary and have just basically stayed away from my blog for a few days.  You see, one of my fur babies, Buddy, is sick.  I took him to the vet because his breathing was really fast in comparison to Holly's.  I kept watching them sleeping side by side and it was obvious.  He was still eating and drinking and acting normal other than the breathing thing.  He was racing … [Read more...]

Sniffy Bushes and More

Last night I couldn't fall to sleep right away. Weird, since I was finally home in my own bed and was happy to be there!  You know that kind of night, don't you?  When you just can't shut off the thoughts?  Well, last night I finally succumbed to exhaustion but before I did I was thinking about my pets.   Not the adorable Buddy and Holly that I have today...but my pets when I was growing up. Maybe I should rephrase that.  They all were not really "my" pets.  But they were family pets so I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday and LOL Cat!

And yet another look from Buddy!   … [Read more...]

Get Your Smile for the Day Here!

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Revised rule lets more pets go to dinner – CharlotteObserver.com

I posted an article from The Charlotte Observer before about this topic and it looks like as of Wednesday this week diners will be allowed to take their dogs AND cats to some outdoor patio dining areas in the Charlotte area.  I had several comments on this before when I posted and was pretty interested in the responses.  Take a look at the comments after the article and you will see that it is indeed a hot topic.  We love our animals. Of course we do!  And come on, folks, it isn't like they are … [Read more...]