Friendship Friday—Gratitude

Hilary from Feeling Beachie is still recovering from the superstorm Sandy at the beach.  I have been able to read a few communications from her this week and she and her husband are physically okay but they are enduring some challenges that are horrific to imagine.  Cleaning up flooded houses without electricity, being away from their jobs for a week, relying on others for shelter and food, working non stop to make the house okay to live in, getting electricians lined up without having the … [Read more...]

Dysfunctional? Come See Me!

It is true.  I possess a rare gene.  One that others may have but I have cornered the majority of it and possess powers unknown to others.  It makes me laugh sometimes but many times it makes me take pause and consider my "gift".  My gift is a curse at times also.  I have learned to embrace it (there it is---one of my words that I am focusing on this year!  I am using it!  ) .  You see it is simple---I attract dysfunctional people.   It does not matter if I know them or not----they flock to … [Read more...]