My Teenaged Door

Do you remember me talking about my teenaged door?  Let me refresh your memory (or you can click here for a past post about it).  Our front door had acne and a bad case of it at that.  We assume that the previous owners had painted the front door in order to hide the fading wood when they put the house on the market.  But the problem came with what we suspect is the incorrect type of paint that was used at one time on it. When we repainted it awhile back the paint went on fine but then the … [Read more...]

My Front Door May Be A Teenager

Chris and I had a work day on Saturday.  Never mind that it came about 2 years ---no--wait---a year late.  Let's not make it any worse than it actually is.  We needed to do some outside painting.  We contemplated hiring someone to do it but decided that we were able bodied and almost in complete control of our faculties so why not try it and be productive. The project:  paint exterior areas that needed touched up or just totally redone.  I got elected to do the mailbox post, window sills on … [Read more...]