Comments Help Mend and Give a Second Life

There are just no words to tell how much  I love the first day of each month.  The night before I am busy tallying up blog comments---going through the comments and reliving what you guys have all contributed with your words.  It amazes me how many folks comment --still---after over 2 years into my decision to do Comments for a Cause.   If you are new here the concept is simple---make a comment on any post and it gets counted towards a 50 cent donation to the charity of the month. A quick … [Read more...]


The summer seems to have kicked into full gear, hasn't it? The continual rain in our part of the world has put farmers behind but our yard and plants are flourishing and for once, just once, our yard looks about as good as our neighbors. That is a huge accomplishment. The month flew by and it hardly seems that it is time to post the Comments for a Cause results and reveal the new cause for July! How can that be? If you read my June 1st post here you will recall that our cause for June was to … [Read more...]