Basket Case

My good friend, Sally, and I met for a Girl's Trip in Columbus this summer and what a great time we had.  This will be the first of a couple posts highlighting some of the things that we saw when we were there.  One day was devoted to going to Dresden and seeing all things Longaberger.  Now if you don't know what Longaberger is I can fill you in a little bit.  Dave Longaberger founded the company in 1973 based on his family's basketmaking heritage.  The rest is history.  The success of … [Read more...]

A Photographic Journey

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Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is a special day!   It is my brother's birthday!  Mark is the closest to me in age--less than 2 years older than me and the great thing is that today I actually am going to be able to see him on his birthday!  We have always been very close.  He looked out for me many more times than I can tell.  Oh --except for that time that he could run faster than me and the horrible bumblebees got stuck in MY hair instead of his!!!! (Thanks, Mark!) Today starts our week at Lakeside, OH for our … [Read more...]

Change and a Bit of Wanderlust

I need a change.  I have been thinking about it for quite awhile and I am almost ready for it.  I have gotten too comfortable with my lot in life and I feel a change is coming in my old aching and decrepit bones. After all I have been back in my own home for a little over a month now with few deviations.   I have a bit of the wanderlust in me.   And I think I owe it to my great great uncle Rollo Walter Brown.   I think he was a man with a bit of wanderlust in him. Though I never had the … [Read more...]

Physics, Dark Chocolate, Water Smells and Laundry

Hilary at Feeling Beachie has a blog hop every Friday !!!  You know the drill!  Hop on over there and join up!  This week I get to co-host so some of the questions are mine!! Yippee!!!   Hang out with the cool kids and link up! The statements are: 1.       I don’t understand ___ and probably never will 2.       I prefer ___ to ____ 3.       My favorite smell is ______________because ___________________ 4.       I suspect my neighbors of _________________ My … [Read more...]

Times They Are A Changing

I was just thinking that times have changed.  I make no bones about my age.  I am 51 going on 52.  If you ask my brother in law, Carlton, he would pinpoint my birthday down to the minute---no grace period from him!  He has the ability to tell you when Christmas will be next year--what day it falls on, when his birthday is, etc.  If I have  a date related question I go to him.  But I digress. With the passage of time comes change.  Some big, some little, some gentle, some harsh and some come … [Read more...]

The Writings on the Bathroom Wall

It seems  like "bullying" is in the news again.  Every time you turn around there is yet another story about a young person who has been bullied.  Unfortunately many to the point where they can no longer stand it and take their own lives.  I watched Anderson Cooper (LOVE that man!!! And his giggle---how cute!) and he had some stories on about bullying and it made me think back to about 35 years ago..... I was not always the self assured and suave person that I am today.   (If you really know … [Read more...]

A Stroll on the Tundra

Any of you familiar with the tundra???  And how cold it is???  The tundra of which I speak is the tundra at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.  Chris and I both graduated from ONU a few years ago and since we are temporarily living only about 16 miles from good old ONU we decided to take a mental health Saturday and attend Homecoming!  It was just what we needed and such a great break in the action here at "Cleaning Out Central". The football game was a little bit disappointing ( we lost) … [Read more...]

Resting at Last

                             Aaron, Dad, and Micah---Christmas 2009 My sweet father in law passed away Thursday morning at 5:00 am..  I shared with you all in a post last week   how difficult of a decision we had to make a week ago--the decision to put him in a nursing home because we just could not continue the care at home by ourselves even with the wonderful help of Hospice.  He lasted just about one week there and I cannot say enough about the level of love and care he received at Golden … [Read more...]