Bug Out—Er–Bug Over to Cole’s

What do I love? I love seeing young people who have great ideas. I love seeing young people who put those great ideas into action. Enter one Cole Ruscitti, a senior who attends Chicago Waldorf School.  I met Cole through his mom, Katybeth, who writes one of my favorite blogs over at Odd Loves Company. Cole had to have a senior project.  Like many seniors these days these projects can take on many forms from doing a community service type project to, as in Cole's case, modifying … [Read more...]

International Label Day

It's here! It's here!!! International Label Day!!!!  If you are like me you were unaware of the existence of International Label Day but I suspect that some of my more savvy friends like Katybeth at Odd Loves Company were already aware of the existence long before me.  I was given a heads up to it by Rara who writes over at Rarasaur.  Last year she did a fabulous post about it and this year she will do the same.   Since I am a member of Team Poblano she invited me to join in the fun this year … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday—-A Little Milk With That Tea, Sir?

I can't let this one be totally wordless.  It needs some explanation.   My friend, Katybeth, blogs over at Odd Loves Company.  She is quite a character and has quite an interesting story.  If you want to check out her blog I am sure you will be amazed .   Because that is Katybeth in one word---amazing. She has a gift of helping others and recently she helped an older friend with an estate sale. To say that some of the things for sale were eclectic are to put it mildly.   You know everyone … [Read more...]

The Order of Things

Quite awhile ago I was on a winning streak.  I won a gift certificate at HyVee for voting on favorite local places and that reminds me I need to find that gift card.  Hmmmm.   I guessed correctly on Lenore's blog as to what the object in her mystery picture was and she made a donation in my name to a charity.  (Lenore, if you recall is the "mother" to Andy the Armadillo who was featured in many blog posts of my own (click here) and of others). I also won a wonderful book from Katybeth who … [Read more...]