Custer the Buffalo

Chris and I were talking on our long drive and Big Adventure the other day about things and people that we have experienced over the years.  I have had  a lot of experiences that some folks would think were the slightest bit interesting.   I have shared with you before ---my gift.  The gift of mere strangers telling me the most intimate things about themselves.  I guess I am approachable and appear non-judgmental or something--who knows?  All I know is that it makes for some pretty fun … [Read more...]

Love Notes

I am so overwhelmed by the response to my Friday post of Do You Have A Plan??  So many folks have commented, emailed, sent me encouraging notes on Facebook and it has really touched me right to the core of my being.  Sometimes a person can feel all alone in what they are going through and then after "talking" about it with others realizes that many have gone through a similar experience. The good thing is that I can gain some wisdom, hopefully, from the experiences of others. Chris and I had … [Read more...]

Do You Have A Plan?

I have been debating whether to write this post or not.  If you are reading it then I decided to click the "publish" button.  If you aren't reading it then I didn't.  :-) We seem to be at a place of transition in our lives.  Today my beloved father in law will move to a new home. Something that we had hoped would not happen but we are to the point where we can no longer manage his care at home with the children taking turns.   Today he will move to a nursing care facility.  It is not a … [Read more...]