A Special Day for a Special Guy

Today is a special day!  It is World Down Syndrome Day 2013 and today I celebrate my brother in law, Carlton!   Carlton is such a joy to our family and over the past several years, especially, I have shared on my blog many things about how Carlton has enriched our lives.   We had the privilege to live with him for about 7 months and it was an adventure beyond my wildest dreams at times but one that I would never trade in the world. One of my favorite things was waking up to his morning … [Read more...]

Last Chance

Today is the final day to make Comments for a Cause for the National Down Syndrome Society!!!!   I think this is going to be my best month for comments yet and I am very excited!!!!   The more comments made this month on any of my lame, uninspired  awesome posts the more I will donate to NDDS  And by "I" I mean my husband since he is the current bread winner in the family.  But he is behind me---right there with a huge loaf of french bread. :-)  So comment away....find a post and leave a … [Read more...]

Comments for A Cause Continues

  Yes--I love alliteration!!!  Just wanted to remind everyone that there are 10 DAYS left this month to make a comment for the National Down Syndrome Society!  For each comment made on any post this month I will donate 50 cents to this great organization.  You can read more about it here and my tribute to my brother in law, Carlton, here. The response has been wonderful and many have shared stories with me of their loved ones which have touched my heart.  Check out the comments … [Read more...]


Oops--had the caps on there and didn't realize it but I am going to leave the title in caps just because!  It is true!!!  You guys are amazing!!!   Imagine my surprise to the reaction when I listed my Comments for a Cause Charity this month to be National Down Syndrome Society .  Not only have I had more traffic to my blog than ever, the comments are piling up and quite frankly it has me somewhat stunned!  What a great community of folks are out there who support loved ones who have Down … [Read more...]