The Unwanted Gift (A history of Indian Affairs) (via poemsandponderings)

Please join me today as I repost one of the offerings from Jake over at Poems and Ponderings today that he wrote in honor of "our" proclaimed Native American Week. As you might know I have designated my Comments for a Cause this month to go to Tree of Life Ministry in Mission, SD. This organization works along with the Lakota on the Rosebud Reservation to improve their living conditions and their lives in a myriad of ways. I have a love of these people and know that the monies that are donated … [Read more...]

Last Chance

Today is the final day to make Comments for a Cause for the National Down Syndrome Society!!!!   I think this is going to be my best month for comments yet and I am very excited!!!!   The more comments made this month on any of my lame, uninspired  awesome posts the more I will donate to NDDS  And by "I" I mean my husband since he is the current bread winner in the family.  But he is behind me---right there with a huge loaf of french bread. :-)  So comment away....find a post and leave a … [Read more...]