New York New York—You Inspire Me!

I know you know how much I loved our first trip to NYC last month!  We had the best time with our son, Micah, who is a grad student at Columbia Business School.   Yep--very proud mom. We packed a lot into the weekend visit and got to see a lot of the tourist places, eat a lot of great food, and see a lot of cute little dogs! It was an amazing weekend and I am already counting down the months till our next trip. On Saturday we met for breakfast at a local place called Barney Greengrass also … [Read more...]

It is Not Happy People Who Are Thankful–It is Thankful People Who Are Happy!

It is Thanksgiving and time to give thanks!  Today I am using a prompt to list a bunch of random things that I am grateful for.  Join in and share with me what you are grateful for today. A friend---Ann--my BFF. Physical activity that you can do-----walk without any discomfort or pain. Something kind---a smile. A teacher---Mrs. Young--my Creative Writing teacher who encouraged me in many ways. What brings you joy----music. What you're good at---listening. An adventure----every … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving IS the REAL DEAL!

Seems there is a trend to skate through holidays like they don't even exist anymore in our country and it makes my heart just a little bit sad.  Wait--more than a little bit sad. I have always loved Thanksgiving.   Probably more than Christmas because it just seemed simpler. Thanksgiving has always been family time for me.  Time spent with family watching the Macy's Parade,  preparing a fabulous meal, eating maybe a bit too many mashed potatoes, watching football games, taking a … [Read more...]

I Fell for the Infomercial

I didn't turn the television off soon enough.   I left it on after the show I was watching was over and even though I was in and out of the room I saw it.  I got sucked into it.   I sat down.  I oohed and aahhed.   I sat with rapt attention.I went to their website.   I looked at all the options.   I checked the payment plans.  I got out my credit card.I filled in the info.  I clicked.I fell for it.You see---I dream of beautiful hair.   That perfect cut that I came out of Kush Salon with just a … [Read more...]

International Label Day

It's here! It's here!!! International Label Day!!!!  If you are like me you were unaware of the existence of International Label Day but I suspect that some of my more savvy friends like Katybeth at Odd Loves Company were already aware of the existence long before me.  I was given a heads up to it by Rara who writes over at Rarasaur.  Last year she did a fabulous post about it and this year she will do the same.   Since I am a member of Team Poblano she invited me to join in the fun this year … [Read more...]

Nothings Says I Love You Like Matching Outfits

The closest I have ever come to dressing like my spouse has been at Halloween parties in years gone by. A lot of years gone by! Mr. Diamond is always sending me interesting articles and bits of trivia to use on my blog.  Recently he sent me an article that he read in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye.  Mainly because it is all about love.  And I am nothing if I am not a love promoter. Evidently there is a new trend in China that (keeping my fingers crossed) may hit the United … [Read more...]

To iPad or Not

It's sweeping the country.  Taking pictures with an iPad.   You see folks everywhere with their iPads poised and ready to take a snappy.  To me it seems a bit cumbersome even with the iPad mini. On a recent overseas trip our son, Micah, shared that one of his friends lost his phone.  From the sounds of it there were a lot of phones lost during the CBS trip that spanned more countries than I can count.   His friend, George, had an iPad mini and began using that as his camera since his phone … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday—-A Little Milk With That Tea, Sir?

I can't let this one be totally wordless.  It needs some explanation.   My friend, Katybeth, blogs over at Odd Loves Company.  She is quite a character and has quite an interesting story.  If you want to check out her blog I am sure you will be amazed .   Because that is Katybeth in one word---amazing. She has a gift of helping others and recently she helped an older friend with an estate sale. To say that some of the things for sale were eclectic are to put it mildly.   You know everyone … [Read more...]

84 and Going Strong

We all have them.  Mom.  Mother. Mama.  Mommy. Momma.   There is no way that you came into the world without one. Not all are perfect.  Not all can care for their child in the way that they deserve. I had and still have one of the best. She would argue that she was not and is not perfect but she did just fine, thank you very much. I am proof positive of what a loving family can produce .  Fortunately for me I was the youngest of four children so by the time they got to me they got … [Read more...]

It’s The Cat’s Meow!

I fully admit that my cats are spoiled but hey----we are empty nesters and have to have some distraction in life.   Recently a certain commercial has been getting a lot of airplay.  The other day I was sitting in the chair when it came on the screen with Buddy on my lap.  He immediately got up, moved to the arm of the chair and actually watched the commercial.   I have never seen him watch the tv before. I sent my friend, Ann, the picture because when she was here we talked about this … [Read more...]