The Thrill Isn’t Gone—-Life on the Road

This weekend Chris and I had the joy of seeing B. B. King in concert at The Surf Ballroom for the second time.  The first time was in 2007 soon after we moved to Iowa.   It was our first experience at The Surf and we took our youngest son, Aaron, because he loves all kinds of music like we do.  It was a great evening---we were on the floor up fairly close and B. B . gave a great show. When I found out he was returning to The Surf I snagged tickets and a booth as soon as I could so that we … [Read more...]

Happy Australia Day!

I have a heart for the Australians and for their beautiful country since we lived there for a short time.  Today (or yesterday if you are in Australia) is their day to celebrate Australia Day!!!!   I am thankful for the folks Down Under who helped make my adventure there pretty wonderful!!! … [Read more...]

And Now for Your Musical Enjoyment

Joining in on the Musical Monday blog hop from Musings of Meggie which came from Amanda at Bloggin With Amanda originally!!!! What is moving you today? Let us know, throw a video up on your blog and go over to Musical Monday, hosted by Amanda at Bloggin With Amanda ,... and please don't forget to leave a comment and your link while there.. My offering:  Ray LaMontagne---You are the Best Thing Artist: Lamontagne Ray Song: You Are The Best Thing Album: Gossip In The … [Read more...]

Cookiepalooza Continues

Don't forget---make a comment on any post on my blog in the next few days and you can be the winner of a shipment of fresh baked Christmas cookies!!!! Just wanna share the love a bit!!! Several friends posted this video of Northpoint Ministries using their Ipads and Cellphones to create Christmas music---pretty amazing and a great thing to listen to while you eat those cookies you win!!! Merry Christmas!!! … [Read more...]

Day 14—Music

My new song headache......the video makes me laugh. I am thankful today for music that surrounds us!!! … [Read more...]

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Got ya singing that song now, don't I?  My goal is complete!!!  But seriously--it is a beautiful day!   I am sitting in the sunroom between services this morning listening to the hoards of geese flying overhead---they seem to know that something is coming....perhaps this warm weather won't last much longer but I sure am going to enjoy it while I can!!! Chris and I went to an awesome concert in Clear Lake last night.  Chris has always been a huge fan of the Christian group Selah and since they … [Read more...]

Trying out this Blog Hop Thingy!!!

So I am getting more savvy about this whole bloggy thing---aren't you all so proud of me?  I have gotten a lot more viewers and am trying to figure out some of the finer parts of blogging!   One is to participate in a blog hop and we will see if I get this one figured out right!!!  I have been experimenting with a couple of things that are supposed to allow me to put in recommendations of things that relate to my post but so far that hasn't worked too well!   Like I said---still learning! But … [Read more...]

Women of Faith Worship CD Rocks!!!!!

I had the pleasure of "winning" a free CD from Women of Faith with the stipulation that I blog about it! Well....what they did not know is that I ALREADY had the CD and had been enjoying it for a month before I got my free copy! I LOVE this CD. Sorry for the caps but it is true! I have listened to this one time and time again and have left it in my car for all of my driving around town listening pleasure! While I find many worship / praise cd's to be kind of hum drum and repetitive … [Read more...]