‘New Zealand’s darkest day’: Quake kills dozens – World news – Asia-Pacific – msnbc.com

Praying for all involved.   Sad.  :-(   'New Zealand's darkest day': Quake kills dozens - World news - Asia-Pacific - msnbc.com. … [Read more...]

The Impact of Facebook and Friendship

  You know I love using social networking---pretty obvious since I put myself out there as a blogger, huh???  I have a son who does social media work for his job and I have always seemed to gravitate toward social networking sites and love the idea of connecting with people.  I love to get comments on my blog---hence why I do giveaways and encourage others to comment.  It doesn't have to be anything profound or life changing but I love to read the comments of what people think of what I … [Read more...]

Definitely NOT my nightmare!

This one is for my mom!!!  Interesting video and interviews and I would be proud to be like my mom!!!! msnbc video: Why being like Mom isn’t always a bad thing. … [Read more...]