The Ones Who Hold Your Heart

One of the truths in my life is that I have had to say a lot of goodbyes over the years. When I was young I grew up in a preacher's family.  In our family moving was just part of what life was all about. We really did not move all that often---I lived in 5 different towns from birth to college and that really did not seem like all that many different places to me. After marriage I have had the pleasure of exploring several areas of our great United States and even Australia. I have lived in 6 … [Read more...]

Storage Units and Birthday Bashes

It's official.  We are some of "those people" who are renting a storage unit!  Yikes.  How did we get there?  Quite simply put---we got there because Chris's dad's house in Ohio has sold and we don't have time to UHaul our treasures across the country right now.  Whew.  We had an exhausting but productive weekend and I wanted to share a bit of our adventures. Chris and I went and secured said storage unit on Saturday morning.  Great owner and great conversation.  I quipped to her that I bet … [Read more...]

Never Forget

Today is a day of reflection for our country.  A day to remember that we are still strong.  A day to remember heroes and a day to remember loved ones who were taken from us on a day that won't be forgotten.  On this 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers it seems that everyone in the US can remember exactly where and what they were doing at that moment when they first heard the news.  As for me---I was in the warehouse at our business ---listening to the news.  When we heard the … [Read more...]

Moving on Out!

So the big news in Mason City yesterday was a house that was being moved from a new location. If I have it correct it was a house that was on a spot where the hospital is going to expand so they had offered a bunch for sale for $1 plus the cost of moving it to your own lot. The nice associate at Staples (I was there YET again!) told me about it so I decided to go check it out. It was pretty amazing to see this huge house coming down the road with electric crews and about a billion chain … [Read more...]

Mr. Sun….Where did you go???

Okay, I just want to know where Mr. Sun has gone! It has been gloomy and miserable here for far too long and I am growing weary of it. And it is cold. Too cold for mid-May. I know, I know---soon I will be wishing for a break in the heat but it sure is difficult to get motivated to do much of worth when it is so dismal outside. And now it appears to be raining.....blah. I bought all these neat plants in Ohio last week and I have yet to put them out because I was afraid they would freeze. … [Read more...]