Reincarnation? Friday Fill In Fo Shure!

Okay-so a couple of weeks ago I was mourning the loss / death / demise of one of my hermit crabs, Smiley. The name is obvious. Check out his shell. I posted a picture which looked like a crime scene. There you see limbs galore littering the bottom of the terrarium.  You can barely see cohort Spidey in the corner, lurking around.  I suspected foul play.  I asked my readers and many felt the same way. Did Spidey do it?   All I know is that I was sad.  So I cleaned up the debris and tapped … [Read more...]


My heart literally aches today. And if truth be told I can not stop crying. I know I have shared on my blog before things that have been on my heart and things that I am praying for and today I am just overwhelmed and sometimes that means I just have to type it all out. You see I have a friend, a really good friend, Tom Jordan, who is sick and I feel helpless. I 'know" that God is with him. I "know" that so many people are praying for him at this point that it is unbelievable. I "know" … [Read more...]