I May or May Not Be A Caribou

    It is suddenly clear to me.  I have caribou blood in me even though my 23 and Me profile did not indicate it.  You see---I click when I walk.  Just the left knee--not the right but there is a definite clicking sound when I walk.  I noticed it a couple years ago and I suspect it is just further notice of my continual and ever present aging.  If I walk straight legged it does not click but according to my husband it is not very attractive to see me walking in that … [Read more...]

He Had Fun Despite the Snack Deficit

We all have routines.  Some more than others. This weekend was further evidence to me of how much patience my sister in law has and how blessed we are to have the family that we have.  Let me explain. Chris and I had planned to take Carlton to Minneapolis for an overnight trip .  On the agenda:  the Mall of America, the Minnesota Zoo and a stay in a hotel with a pool.  Well, we can check all those things off now and I "think" it was successful.  Sometimes it is hard to tell but no blood was … [Read more...]