Teapot Tuesday

Isn't it adorable??  A lovely teapot with an apple on it.  Friend and blogger, Audrey, from Minnesota Prairie Roots, along with her husband, Randy, recently paid me a visit and spent the night at the Chiles Bed and Breakfast.  She came in with a lovely bag and surprise of all surprises---a perfect teapot for my collection.   The teapot is adorable and I have seen this one before but do not have one in my collection so I am thrilled to welcome it into the family.  What a thoughtful gift and … [Read more...]

Stuffed in a Trunk?

The adventure started on Wednesday morning.  My husband texted me and told me to be safe.  He had visions of me stuffed in a trunk and abandoned somewhere between Mason City and Cresco .  It is a fear he always has when I say "Hey---I am going to go meet a bloggy friend".   It is unfounded and silly but it has become our little joke.  Since I am writing this post you know that his dreaded fear did not come to fruition. What did come to fruition was a positively delightful day. I connected … [Read more...]

The Ripple Effect

On Thursday this week I wrote a post about the Hedin family---you can read the original post by clicking right here.  It will take you to the post in a new window and then you can come right back if you missed it.  In a nutshell, Tom, husband and father was in a horrible snowmobiling accident.   He was taken by medical helicopter 50 miles to the Hennepin Community Hospital in Minneapolis where he remains in ICU as I write this.  The details are up on his CaringBridge page  as to the extent of … [Read more...]

Reconfiguring? You Betcha!

Sometimes life comes hard and fast.  This has been one of those weeks when I have realized that fact.   A good friend from North Carolina lost her mother.  Another long time friend from our Navy days lost her father.  I am in that age range now where this is a common occurrence for deaths of those we are close to.  Since the beginning of the year we have made 3 memorial donations and that is hard to imagine. As I talked with my good friend about the chaos that goes into getting things ready … [Read more...]

Two Poets —One Imaginary Friend Turned “Unimaginary”

My husband and I took a road trip Thursday night to a town not that far from us --Faribault, MN.  You see I have an imaginary friend (as my dearly beloved likes to refer to my bloggy buddies who I have never met in real life) who lives there and who was going to be part of a poetry reading at the local library.  I was excited and had decided to make a trip up there alone and then Chris said he wouldn't mind going along.  I admit I was a little surprised but I think sometimes he worries about me … [Read more...]