Somehow I Remembered It Differently

When I was little I lived in this house.  My grade school friend, Beth Rich Brown (Yes, she now has MY maiden name) was in Hannibal, Ohio recently and took a picture of my old house and sent it to me.  How sweet was that??? I have very fond memories of living here --at least for the years that I can remember.  We moved here the summer after I was born in April so the first few years are a bit of a blur but I do remember this old brick house with fondness. I remember the spiral staircase. I … [Read more...]

You Call It Juglans Cinerea—-I Call it Agony

Anybody out there recognize that picture?  Anyone out there know what that is?  The scientific name is Juglans cinerea but the common name is Butternut.  Not squash although the above picture shows a squashed butternut in the Mason City Public Library parking lot.  It is a type of walnut. It is sometimes referred to as a white walnut.  I refer to it as agony. Why, in heavens name, would I call this simple and seemingly innocent item "agony"?  It doesn't look like it deserves that title at … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day!

I miss you every day, Daddy!!!! … [Read more...]

I’m Back! Did You Miss Me???

Took a couple of days off to go spend some time with my family and join in the festivities of a baby shower !!!  I am going to be a great aunt in less than 2 months for the first time and the great thing about being in Ohio is that I am now closer to my niece so hopefully when baby Harper arrives I will be able to be right there soon afterwards to ooh and ahh!!!!  Can't wait!!!  Regardless---it was a great weekend with family on both sides and I was blessed to be a part of it!!! … [Read more...]

A Stroll on the Tundra

Any of you familiar with the tundra???  And how cold it is???  The tundra of which I speak is the tundra at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.  Chris and I both graduated from ONU a few years ago and since we are temporarily living only about 16 miles from good old ONU we decided to take a mental health Saturday and attend Homecoming!  It was just what we needed and such a great break in the action here at "Cleaning Out Central". The football game was a little bit disappointing ( we lost) … [Read more...]

Friday Fill In’s!

Each week,Hilary at Feeling Beachie  lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she  uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Jen from What would Jen Do Please help  spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet,FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post… This week’s statements: 1. I … [Read more...]

Tribute Tuesday—-Emil E “Skip” Chiles, Jr.

As promised today I am going to skip my Tuesday Teapots to honor my father in law.  We will be celebrating his life today and it just seemed appropriate.  The calls and emails and texts have been coming in.   People are expressing to us what he meant to them.  When you think about it---you never can really know how many lives you touch.  Dad touched more than most.  As a teacher he led by example.  As an administrator he made the fair and right decisions.  As a community leader he led with a … [Read more...]

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!

So is anyone else tired of all of these horrible storms????  Raise your hand.    Yep----I am right there with you!!!  Good golly it has been crazy weather as of late. It is hard to write an upbeat post when there have been such horrific storms all over the place.  How can I not feel torn up inside when I watch the news coverage of the tornadoes in the south.  Last week it was worrying about my son in Raleigh with the storms that were there.  It just seems that the weather is getting more and … [Read more...]

Peanuts, Crackers and Memories

Thought you might need a peanut butter fix today......hence the above picture.  No....not really!!!  Chris came home from a trip last week and when he walked in the door he pulled these out of his pocket for me and said "Because I know how much it meant to you when your Daddy used to bring you home the peanuts from his trips" and laid down these little treasures!  Isn't it funny how something simple like that can bring back a flood of memories???   Ahhhhhh....I was transported in time! When I … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—Baking Time!

    So it is my FAVORITE time of the year!  Christmas cookie baking time!!! Woo hoo!!!   I think that one of the best things that my mom gave me was a love of baking cookies at Christmas!!!  I remember looking forward to it every year as I was growing up.  She had her favorite recipes---springerle, pfeffernuesse, and of course the favorite sugar cookies that we spent hours decorating!!!   I remember how much fun the 4 of us kids had decorating and then eating those delectable … [Read more...]