Life Interrupted

  Oh Delta...why oh why?   Once again I had an adventure !  After a fabulous time in North Carolina--great time with my BFF, Ann, and then a weekend with Aaron I settled in for the trip home. I was taking a flight to Minneapolis and then the little prop plane flight into Mason City so Chris could just pick me up there since he had been home all last week and we did not have a car at the Minneapolis airport .  It was  a good plan. Flight from Raleigh boarded and seemed to be on track … [Read more...]

Spinning Wheels and Mr. Sandman

We recently left our car at the Mason City airport whilst we were in Ohio and North Carolina.  I suggested that we put a snow shovel in the back for our return home as I anticipated we would be snowed in.  You know how it is in parking lots----snow plows plow your car in and since ours was going to be there 2 weeks i was positive that we would come back to a huge pile of snow and a buried car.   Well.....coming back to the airport took awhile due to a delayed flight which made us miss our … [Read more...]