A Special Day for a Special Guy

Today is a special day!  It is World Down Syndrome Day 2013 and today I celebrate my brother in law, Carlton!   Carlton is such a joy to our family and over the past several years, especially, I have shared on my blog many things about how Carlton has enriched our lives.   We had the privilege to live with him for about 7 months and it was an adventure beyond my wildest dreams at times but one that I would never trade in the world. One of my favorite things was waking up to his morning … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday-Kind Of…

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Transitions Are Never Easy

Are you ready???  For the week??  For Christmas??  I am happy to say that I think that I am!  I "said" I would downsize it all this year since we are kind of in transition.  But as usual I lied.   Since we are going to be in Florida for the actual celebration I shipped all our packages to our eldest son's place in Jacksonville Beach.  UPS tracking told me that all 4 gigantic boxes arrived last night.  Never mind that I sent yet another one out yesterday.  Now that one included the cookies and … [Read more...]

Love Notes

I am so overwhelmed by the response to my Friday post of Do You Have A Plan??  So many folks have commented, emailed, sent me encouraging notes on Facebook and it has really touched me right to the core of my being.  Sometimes a person can feel all alone in what they are going through and then after "talking" about it with others realizes that many have gone through a similar experience. The good thing is that I can gain some wisdom, hopefully, from the experiences of others. Chris and I had … [Read more...]