Life Interrupted

  Oh Delta...why oh why?   Once again I had an adventure !  After a fabulous time in North Carolina--great time with my BFF, Ann, and then a weekend with Aaron I settled in for the trip home. I was taking a flight to Minneapolis and then the little prop plane flight into Mason City so Chris could just pick me up there since he had been home all last week and we did not have a car at the Minneapolis airport .  It was  a good plan. Flight from Raleigh boarded and seemed to be on track … [Read more...]

Dear Delta

Dear Delta, I have tried to like you, I really have. Even though you have misplaced my luggage numerous times and left me stranded in places I have not always wanted to be. Even though my luggage has seen places my feet have never been I still have tried to believe in you. But why , Delta, why? Why do I have a platinum American Express card if I get no perks? Why did the last Delta agent give me a free piece of checked luggage and "put me in the system" when the agent today says I don't … [Read more...]

Normal Hair

Well I HOPE to have normal hair today-----at least I have the "tools" I am used to using!!! The elusive suitcase arrived. The problem is I am not sure WHEN it arrived. I had talked to two shifts of people at the hotel here--given them my phone number to call when it arrived, talked to them before I left for the day and no call. No call from the courier service who is supposed to call when they are delivering it. Nothing. So last night when Ann and I left to go get dinner the woman at the … [Read more...]

Have You Seen Me???

My adventure began yesterday with nice flights and a nice trip and no luggage. I honestly don't know how hard it is for luggage to come with me but I guess I have had my too many recent flights when it did!!! Now how does a bag not leave Minneapolis when you check in 3 hours early? It seems it went to Atalanta on a later flight and then if I can believe the Delta lady this morning it went to Charlotte. At first she said it had been delivered to the hotel but it hasn't been---so after more … [Read more...]