Don’t Worry—All is Well

I know you were all stressing out with me--no need.  All is well.   Chris's passport arrived this morning.  Sarah at Huntington called me and below is the result.  Much better than the previous post which would have required an extra suitcase and an armed guard.  Happy days are here again. … [Read more...]

Resting at Last

                             Aaron, Dad, and Micah---Christmas 2009 My sweet father in law passed away Thursday morning at 5:00 am..  I shared with you all in a post last week   how difficult of a decision we had to make a week ago--the decision to put him in a nursing home because we just could not continue the care at home by ourselves even with the wonderful help of Hospice.  He lasted just about one week there and I cannot say enough about the level of love and care he received at Golden … [Read more...]

Kewpee Rocks!

So if anyone out there has never experienced a Kewpee burger you have never experienced the best burger ever!!! Today we took Aaron to the downtown original Kewpee in Lima to experience the ambiance. They were not busy when we were there which was kind of nice because we were able to talk a bit to some of the counter ladies and found out that it is a small world after all! (Sing with me!) One of the ladies we talked to had lived in the upstairs of a house that Chris's great grandmother had … [Read more...]

Life Happens

Our stay in Lakeside is drawing to a hoo. It has been a fun week but gone too fast for sure. I realize that I have packed a lot into the past couple of weeks and it has been fabulous! Driving to Ohio to pick up my mom, flying to Arizona for Rachael and Nate's wedding, driving to Lakeside for a week of fun and tomorrow we head to Lima to spend some time with the Chiles side of the family. A couple of days of Auntie Beth and Meredith time and I will be all set!!! Can't wait! … [Read more...]