High Tides and Muddy TOMS

Finally getting the chance to blog a bit about our adventures! Will space this out over a couple of posts and share some pictures! Chris has some on his camera and I may have to add a few of his later! He has some great shots but I will be sure to give credit where credit is due for his pictures!!! We have had such wonderful weather---we really have! It is amazing!!! We have had the best weather ever and from the sounds of it our luck has been just that---luck!! Seems like it is not … [Read more...]

Lighthouses, Meat Pies, Ginger Beer and Wharf Hags!

What a FABULOUS DAY!!!! So blessed!!! We really had a fun day today in Halifax! Slept in a bit and then wandered down by the wharf and eventually made it to the Farmer's Market. The concierge told us to find the omelet guy, the peanut butter ball guy and the bread lady. We got 2 out of the three which wasn't bad. It was a madhouse and we were lucky to get out unscathed! Great place to shop for fresh stuff but we really didn't need much of that so we got bread delights and peanut butter … [Read more...]