Lighting the Way in North Carolina

One of my favorite things to do is to go visit lighthouses.   In our 31+ years of marriage we have seen our fair share of lighthouses and I really should have kept track of each and every one but alas---I have not been that organized and there is no documentation that I have done other than disorganized photographs. On our recent trip to North Carolina we visited 2 separate lighthouses and of course I took tons of pictures----all of them look basically the same but hey----you can never have … [Read more...]

A Perfect Day

Every once in awhile you get them.  Those perfect days when everything goes as planned.  This was one of those days. It was simply perfect. The weather was perfect. The company, of course, was perfect.  The food we had--perfect.  The animals we saw--perfect.  We were so blessed on this day at Point Reyes to have an incredible day with everything going exactly as we had hoped. That does not happen every time you plan a trip but it sure did today.  Took awhile to get a good internet connection to … [Read more...]

Father’s Day, Lighthouses and Family

Today we celebrate Father's Day in the US and even though my own Daddy is no longer with me it makes me so very thankful for him. He was a strong man who was a great example to all those who came in contact with him. My father in law has also become such an important person in my life. He continually amazes me with his fortitude and inner strength and it is amazing to me that I have been blessed with two fabulous "fathers' when some folks don't even have one father that they can look up to. … [Read more...]