Life is Too Short

Life is too short.  Life is just too short when I think about it.  I read someplace a quote that has stuck with me.  Life is too short not to stop and watch the world go by sometimes.  I wish I had come up with that one and I can't even give credit to who did at this point but suffice it to say it has stuck with me for awhile. Life is too short when I think about all of the things that I want to accomplish.  I want to write an actual book.  I want to see my boys be happily married and have … [Read more...]

That Farthest Shore (via poemsandponderings)

Seems like a great post for a Sunday morning and since I was coming up empty this morning---thanks to Jake---I have a post worth posting!!!        Sunday morning, I think something spiritual is in order. I just finished this on Friday last, (9/2/11) and in the nick time for this morning's sermon. That Farthest Shore  My body is but a vessel,  for the being that I am.  So, I won't bear no worldly troubles,  into the Promise Land.    I will take no earthly tortures,  no wounds, nor human pains, … [Read more...]

The Unwanted Gift (A history of Indian Affairs) (via poemsandponderings)

Please join me today as I repost one of the offerings from Jake over at Poems and Ponderings today that he wrote in honor of "our" proclaimed Native American Week. As you might know I have designated my Comments for a Cause this month to go to Tree of Life Ministry in Mission, SD. This organization works along with the Lakota on the Rosebud Reservation to improve their living conditions and their lives in a myriad of ways. I have a love of these people and know that the monies that are donated … [Read more...]

Alone in the Mirror (via poemsandponderings)

My friend, Jake, wrote a great piece today. Enjoy!      Here I am again and ready to blog.  This next poem is a look into the person in front of the mirror. When we start to feel self-important. What do we see? And what can be done about it? Alone in the Mirror You can't be born, all by yourself. But, you can die alone. And you can buy, yourself, a house. But, never have a home.   You can speak, with a soft, low voice. And still, have a menacing tone. And you can listen, to the howling … [Read more...]