Blessings in the Ordinary

Today when I went out into the garage to get ready to do a bit of snow shoveling I tried to put my gloves onto my feet.  Oh I already had socks on and what I really was supposed to do was put my feet into my awaiting boots but something clicked in my brain, or rather, clicked off in my brain and I reached for the gloves I was carrying out and before I knew it I was bending down to put them on my feet.  One might start to wonder about me.  I know I am. But as usual, it got me to thinking. … [Read more...]

Sacrifice or Service?

Last night I went to church and got the imposition of ashes on my forehead.  For some reason this is one worship service that I just will not miss every year if possible.   Last night's service was presented to us by our confirmation class and while at times it may have been difficult to hear the nervous teens read their lines the emphasis was the same as every year---focus on the period before Easter by fasting, repentance, spiritual discipline and moderation. I have a couple … [Read more...]