Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

Cats in clothes.   When we were growing up we always had a plethora of cats around.  One of the favorite things to do was to put them in doll clothes.  I am not sure how smart that was but it was fun to see our "Mama to Many Kittens -Peek" modeling a dress.  The boy cats did not get left out.  I still have memories of stacking model car tires on tails of poor unsuspecting cats and watching them flip them all over the yard. There was technique to it because you had to hold the tip of the tail … [Read more...]

Nips, Shirts and Angels

I haven't lost my mind...yet...even though this sinus thing is kicking my butt.  Yesterday we had our massive, epic garage sale.  Chris and I got up at 5 am and had stuff all pulled out of the garage by the insane starting time of 7 am.  Who was the wise guy that started this sale at 7?   Guilty!  I was still on summer hours and it was pitch black outside and our outside lights here are a tad bit lackluster.  We did have 2 hardcore garage salers here picking through the stuff in the dark with a … [Read more...]

Need a Laugh today?

So I was taking a cruise on the internet highway this morning which included watching some You Tube videos on using the Cricut (I learned a lot--perhaps I should have watched some of these earlier and saved myself some on the craft learning!) and happened upon some interesting websites.  The internet is kind of like tv---a lot of folks say there isn't anything worthwhile and there is a lot of trash on it.  Well......I disagree.   There is a lot to enjoy out there and all it takes is a little … [Read more...]

Flying Umbrellas and Iowa Winds

So I bought a new umbrella for the deck today..........I was excited because it fit the area much better than any we had had before. We really just needed a smaller market umbrella and one that matched our chairs a bit better so I found a deal at Target and set it up. Or so I thought! I was calmly sitting on the couch watching "Ellen" --my one addiction right now. I heard a whoooooshhhhhh and suddenly there was no umbrella in the stand!!!!!! No umbrella in the yard, no umbrella in the … [Read more...]