Count the Happies!

I am a happy person.  It is just who I am.  God made me happy.  That, in my humble opinion, is a good thing.  I try to look on the bright side of things.  Glass half full.  Walking on the sunny side of the street.  Living the dream. Several years ago I found a book written by Neil Pasricha called The Book of Awesome.  It was amazing.  I bought multiple copies.  I gave it to family and friends for birthdays and special occasions.  I started my own list. We all go through bumps in the road. … [Read more...]

Glimpses of Vacation—Brown Family Style

Glimpses from vacation.....Brown family style....... Family time in a well loved place with memories galore---it does not get much better than this.  I am blessed.  Hope your day is, too. … [Read more...]

A Photographic Journey

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Blessing of the Boats—Lake Erie Style

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All I Have Left Are Pictures and Memories

Our week at Lakeside on Lake Erie is done for the year and all I have left are memories and pictures.   I have a lot of great ones of both and am going to share a few with you over the next week.  Enjoy the slide show-----just a small sampling of what we saw this past week. Which is your favorite? … [Read more...]

A Boy and His Dog

There are few things in life more precious than seeing a boy who truly loves his dog.  This past week my mom and sister and I were witness to the greatest love I have seen for awhile of that.   We were sitting on a bench by Lake Erie when this young man, probably about 10 0r so, came down with his dog.  To get to the water you have to climb the jagged rocks and they picked their way to the water slowly.  He was trying to coax her into the water and she was a bit timid about it.  Then he made the … [Read more...]

Physics, Dark Chocolate, Water Smells and Laundry

Hilary at Feeling Beachie has a blog hop every Friday !!!  You know the drill!  Hop on over there and join up!  This week I get to co-host so some of the questions are mine!! Yippee!!!   Hang out with the cool kids and link up! The statements are: 1.       I don’t understand ___ and probably never will 2.       I prefer ___ to ____ 3.       My favorite smell is ______________because ___________________ 4.       I suspect my neighbors of _________________ My … [Read more...]

Silent Sunday

Blog hop today ---from For the Love of Blogs.  Join in!   … [Read more...]

And Are We Yet Alive?

This week I am enjoying my annual retreat from reality.  Though my husband would probably say that I retreat daily.....nonetheless--I am enjoying R & R, family time, vacation, and worship all rolled into one!   I am at Lakeside on Lake Erie for the week ---I grew up coming here this time each year with my family as it is the week of East Ohio Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church.  Since my Daddy was a UM minister it was part of what we did each year.  While he sat in business … [Read more...]

Father’s Day, Lighthouses and Family

Today we celebrate Father's Day in the US and even though my own Daddy is no longer with me it makes me so very thankful for him. He was a strong man who was a great example to all those who came in contact with him. My father in law has also become such an important person in my life. He continually amazes me with his fortitude and inner strength and it is amazing to me that I have been blessed with two fabulous "fathers' when some folks don't even have one father that they can look up to. … [Read more...]