International Label Day

It's here! It's here!!! International Label Day!!!!  If you are like me you were unaware of the existence of International Label Day but I suspect that some of my more savvy friends like Katybeth at Odd Loves Company were already aware of the existence long before me.  I was given a heads up to it by Rara who writes over at Rarasaur.  Last year she did a fabulous post about it and this year she will do the same.   Since I am a member of Team Poblano she invited me to join in the fun this year … [Read more...]

Kindness Boomerang???? Yes!

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Act of Kindness Grows Through Facebook!

Just goes to show you that Social Networking Media does have its positive effects----not all of it is self absorbed and ego centric!!!  Way to go!!! … [Read more...]

‘Secret agent’ is on a mission: Spreading kindness –

Challenge of the day-----read and do!!!   I try to do this every chance I get---doesn't have to be anything huge but every little gesture can make a difference!!! 'Secret agent' is on a mission: Spreading kindness - … [Read more...]