Kickstarter? Yes!

Have any of you ever helped with a Kickstarter project?   Kickstarter is a great way to crowd source funding for creative projects and I have "kicked in" for a couple of neat ideas and today you get to see one of those fabulous products. I pitched in a few bucks about a year ago for a product called The Floating Mug and received 2 of these a few months ago and I LOVE THEM!   To say that the addition of The Floating Mug to my cupboard has dramatically changed my life may be a little … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things

From time to time I like to share with my faithful readers some of the great things that I have come across that make a difference in my life.  Today I am going to highlight a few things that are indeed, my favorite things.  Here we go!!!!  (Oh and by the way---no compensation or any recognition from any of the folks that may have any connection with any of these items!!! Just my personal favs!) 1. The Quirky Power Curl cord storage thingy for my MacBook Air!! This thing is GENIUS!  I love … [Read more...]