My Mug O’ Comfort Arrived!!!

A few weeks ago I joined up with the ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps to join in on their Mug O'Comfort Swap.  It was pretty simple---just agree to follow a few guidelines, make a couple of blog posts and send a basket of love to someone else.  Of course since it was a Mug O'Comfort swap one of the items had to be a mug and some fabulous things to put in the mug. I got matched up with the lovely and witty Jenni from Sincerely Jenni.   We both live in Iowa and have "met" virtually as she … [Read more...]

Come Take Me Away

Doesn't that picture just scream "COME TAKE ME AWAY?" I think the cold has gone to my head.  Or else my "Living la Vida Lamo" has started to take a toll on me.   I am making silly mistakes.   Chris looks at me and says "Should I be worried about you?"   I hope not.   I don't think that I am quite ready for assisted living but if too many more things happen I might be moving across the street and kitty cornered to the place in our neighborhood. I always like to get the coffee ready to go the … [Read more...]

Chocolate, Ambulance Rides, Scents, Coffee and Tea, Please!

Meet Me on Monday Blog Hop 1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? That is really a tough question!!!! One food???? I guess it would have to be.....wait for it......chocolate.  I love chocolate.  And no one ever said that it had to be a healthy food that you could totally live off of, did they??? 2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them? I normally write them the day I post.  Sometimes if I get too many ideas at … [Read more...]

Waking up in Wilmington

How wonderful it is to be able to take a few days before we go back to the cold and snow of Iowa.  But wait----there IS snow in North Carolina still!  It was rather odd to fly into Raleigh and see all of the snow on the ground, to try to navigate the tiny streets of Brier Creek with snow and ice still all over the road!  But hopefully it will all be gone in a couple of days!   There is supposedly a warming trend coming so hopefully we will be in the 60's by the end of the week which will be … [Read more...]

Putting on My Nancy Drew Hat….

Well I have a mystery to solve. A big one. And if any of you can help me out there in blog land I would welcome your comments and input!!! So I bid on a couple of Keurig coffee makers on Ebay a few weeks back. I wanted to replace one I had gotten for Micah which has mysteriously quit working even though we did everything to descale it, etc. And because I am the ditz that I am I ended up "winning" two because I was not paying attention. No big deal---I had one shipped to Micah and one … [Read more...]