Chrisisms—Can You Believe It Is Post 7 ?

You know you have missed them---Chrisisms!  These are the latest to add to the ever growing list. 1.  "I am a free form jello eater."  (This was when he was prepping for a colonoscopy and was not mixing his jello together like I thought he should for variety.) 2. Chris said he will know he has finally made it when he sees his Chrisisms featured on K-tel. 3. "The zoo would be a nice place if there were no kids visiting." 4. "If you are going to be a man, be a man, not a boy."  (I can … [Read more...]

You Know You Have Missed Them—-Chrisisms Part 6

Can you believe that it has been 4 months since I posted the infamous Chrisisms????  I know that you have all missed them so here are the latest and greatest from my witty husband! "It's amazing what happens when you send a few emails and everyone's travel plans change because of it.  Dance for me, my little puppets!" Chris changed the sheets on the bed when I was gone and he said he could see the Shroud of Beth Ann.... "I may have to work past death."    (What was not said was "if my … [Read more...]