To Post or Not to Post

The question today was "Do I do a serious post or lighten it up?" .  We have all been affected by the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT and quite frankly I have had to limit my viewing of television that is focusing on the coverage.  I was just getting overwhelmed with sadness as I am sure many of you are.  So instead I offer a couple of things---first this link to a blog that is so well written and is about mental illness and the writer's connection to the shooter's mom.  If you have a … [Read more...]

Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Yep---we are in here!!! We made Huffington Post!!!!! Take that, Freshly Pressed!!!!! Slides 29 and 30----check us out!!!!! Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS). … [Read more...]

Free Hugs and Botox Parties

I am always looking for interesting pictures and stories online---I am rarely disappointed!!! There is just a wealth of information and misinformation out there in the big wide world and I love finding it and sharing with my loyal readers! Today I happened across some great photos on one of my favorite sites---The Huffington Post. These pictures range in the absurd to the ridiculous in trying to pull people into something that may turn out to be something quite different than what is … [Read more...]

The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Worth a read!!!  I am a firm believer in this--have been the recipient many times and have tried to pay it forward myself.  This week I challenge  you to do something along these lines!  Let me know what you do and I will post it here!!! I will start you off with what I have done---one of the vendors at the Farm Market here in Mason City has some fabulous products.  I have blogged about the local Soyphisticated Candles before (do a search to find the blog post).  Great business, great owner … [Read more...]