From Kermit to Cookies

Whew.  I am exhausted.  Mind you I don't have much to be exhausted about.  Other than that pesky getting the house ready to sell  thing which aside from being a lot of work is a tad bit emotional. I love this house. I love our animal friends that come to visit our yard. I love our deck. I love our neighbors even if their yard always looks a bazillion times better than ours. I love finding treasures when I clean out the closets that are filled to the max. I could very easily … [Read more...]

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop #147

It's Friday and that means I join Hilary from Feeling Beachie for her blog hop.  It's a great way to meet some other folks and see what they have to say.   We just fill in the blanks and share our answers---easy peasy.   Thanks to Hilary for doing this every week!!! This is the 147th one that she has done so hats off to Hilary for all the weeks for Friday Fun! The statements: ____ always makes me ____ If one song represents how I feel right now it is ____________. In 2013 my biggest … [Read more...]

36 Down — 614 To Go

If I have been AWOL lately it is because I have a new project.  One that is consuming me until I feel like I have it under control.  I am woman possessed.  More so than usual. As some of you know I am a volunteer for Hospice of North Iowa.  I love what they do.  As a volunteer I have been able to have 2 "relationships" with women at the end of life.  The one lady was unusual as I was her volunteer for over a year.   Volunteers can do many things with Hospice and when I moved back to Ohio … [Read more...]

The Comments Are Tallied! The New Charity Awaits!

As most of my "regular followers" know I have been doing Comments for a Cause here on It's Just Life for a few months. This month I decided to donate 50 cents for each legitimate comment to The Tree of Life Native American Relief group based out of Mission, SD.  This is near and dear to my heart as I volunteered there one year.  One of my bloggy buddies, Jake or Jamocha as I call him now, over at Poems and Ponderings, threw some folks my way by devoting the first week of August on his blog to … [Read more...]

Running on Empty

Did you ever feel like you were running on empty??? I kind of hit the wall today.  A lot has happened in the last 12 days.   I think we have all been running on adrenaline.   And today we ran out.  Or at least I ran out.  I can not speak for anyone else.   But I know that I did. We celebrated my father in law's life yesterday and it was wonderful.  We had a great turnout for a great man.   My husband did a wonderful job at giving a tribute to his beloved father.  Our minister did a marvelous … [Read more...]

Resting at Last

                             Aaron, Dad, and Micah---Christmas 2009 My sweet father in law passed away Thursday morning at 5:00 am..  I shared with you all in a post last week   how difficult of a decision we had to make a week ago--the decision to put him in a nursing home because we just could not continue the care at home by ourselves even with the wonderful help of Hospice.  He lasted just about one week there and I cannot say enough about the level of love and care he received at Golden … [Read more...]

Do You Have A Plan?

I have been debating whether to write this post or not.  If you are reading it then I decided to click the "publish" button.  If you aren't reading it then I didn't.  :-) We seem to be at a place of transition in our lives.  Today my beloved father in law will move to a new home. Something that we had hoped would not happen but we are to the point where we can no longer manage his care at home with the children taking turns.   Today he will move to a nursing care facility.  It is not a … [Read more...]

Three Things I Love !

This combines several things that I love. Hospice, animals/pets and the United Methodist Church. All working together to make life and death a little easier for loved ones. What a great video and a great idea. … [Read more...]