Comments for a Cause —Lending a Helping Hand and a Home

Here it is August 1st already and time for my favorite time of the month!  This past month all of your comments went to support the wonderful ministry and business of our friends George and Gordon Jacobs ---The Davidson Centre for the Professions.   If you missed the post detailing what this is all about just click here to go read more about it.  I am happy to announce that Chris and I will be sending a donation of $240 to The Davidson Centre for the Professions.  Thank you to each of you who … [Read more...]

10 Minute Wordless Wednesday

Thanks, Bernie.  Hugs. … [Read more...]

To Give or Not to Give

That is the question.  To give or not to give.  Yesterday as I was tooling around town I happened upon a gentleman at a stoplight by a pretty busy area where there are plenty of stores.   He had a cardboard sign.  The usual plea for money.  "Down on my luck. God Bless."  Of course the light turned red and I stopped right next to him and yes, I admit it, I made eye contact.  And since I made eye contact I got a bill out of my wallet, rolled down the window and gave the gentleman the money.  He … [Read more...]