And Are We Yet Alive?

This week I am enjoying my annual retreat from reality.  Though my husband would probably say that I retreat daily.....nonetheless--I am enjoying R & R, family time, vacation, and worship all rolled into one!   I am at Lakeside on Lake Erie for the week ---I grew up coming here this time each year with my family as it is the week of East Ohio Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church.  Since my Daddy was a UM minister it was part of what we did each year.  While he sat in business … [Read more...]

99 and Proud of It!

I went bowling tonight.   I don't want to brag but I took Bowling 101 in college----oh those good old days at Ohio Northern University.  I have been honing my skills on the Kinect but obviously not enough.   We needed a diversion today ---been pretty serious around the old Chiles household and today my sister in law, niece and brother in law and I ventured out to go bowling.  Now my brother in law was pretty good at the game a few years back when he was bowling regularly so I was a little … [Read more...]