Resurrection –7 Days–Give or Take

Someone up there is messing with me.   Seriously.  I don't need drama in my life now.  I have enough, thank you very much!  (I really don't but I wanted you all to feel sorry for me!)   You all know the story about Smiley the Hermit Crab.  If you don't or need your memory refreshed check out my blog post on this day.    It was a miracle.  The neatest thing ever.  Smiley even left me an I love you message in the mint where I had banished his empty shell...or so I thought. Today I came home to … [Read more...]

Reincarnation? Friday Fill In Fo Shure!

Okay-so a couple of weeks ago I was mourning the loss / death / demise of one of my hermit crabs, Smiley. The name is obvious. Check out his shell. I posted a picture which looked like a crime scene. There you see limbs galore littering the bottom of the terrarium.  You can barely see cohort Spidey in the corner, lurking around.  I suspected foul play.  I asked my readers and many felt the same way. Did Spidey do it?   All I know is that I was sad.  So I cleaned up the debris and tapped … [Read more...]

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Wordless Wednesday offering today...... Crime Scene or natural causes??   Hopping on a new blog hop today---check out Wordless Wednesday over at Create with Joy.   … [Read more...]