Wordless Wednesday—Happy Birthday, Mr. Diamond!

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Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is a special day!   It is my brother's birthday!  Mark is the closest to me in age--less than 2 years older than me and the great thing is that today I actually am going to be able to see him on his birthday!  We have always been very close.  He looked out for me many more times than I can tell.  Oh --except for that time that he could run faster than me and the horrible bumblebees got stuck in MY hair instead of his!!!! (Thanks, Mark!) Today starts our week at Lakeside, OH for our … [Read more...]

It’s Somebody’s Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my long suffering husband who puts  up with me and is the most supportive partner a girl could ever have!  Hope the birthday is extra special for you!!!!!  Mostest! … [Read more...]

It’s My Birthday Boy!

It's a birthday celebration today!!!  Yipppeeeeeee!   Our youngest, Aaron, turns 23 today!  I know I am way too young to have a 23 and 26 year old but when you consider that I got married at the tender age of 5 it all fits!   I love my boys and am so doggone proud of them and just have to embarrass them with cutsie pictures every time I get a chance so here it goes!  Just a few this time, Aaron!  Not too incriminating or embarrassing!!!   Check em out and join me in wishing the hippest 23 year … [Read more...]

Birthday Wishes and Umbilical Cords

Me, Paula and Mother a couple of years ago !!!  Need to get an updated picture!!!!  But you get the idea!!!   My sister has a birthday!!! It is tomorrow---otherwise known as TAX DAY but I thought I would wish her happy birthday a day early because in my advancing years I am bound to forgot to do this tomorrow!!! So here it is ---a tribute to my sister, Paula!!! Happy Birthday, Sissy!!! If any of you have sisters you may know what it means. Paula and I are 6 years apart in … [Read more...]

Number 10—AND Happy Birthday!!!

I am thankful for my mom!!! Today is her 81st birthday so happy happy happy birthday!!!! … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!!!!

Sometimes people come into your life and they just make you smile! Today is my friend Cheryl's birthday! I won't say how many years but let's just say it is the big one that I also celebrated this year!!! Woo hoo!!! Funny how some people come into your life that you become great friends with and you never expect it. Cheryl is one of those. We worked together at Epworth---she came to be the administrative assistant while I was Director of Small Groups and Servant Ministries (The longest … [Read more...]