Coffee For All!!!

Most of you know that I am a lover of tea.  But I also love my coffee.  Funny how that habit never formed until I was in my 40's....but form it did and I  am always up for the occasional cup.  My morning usually starts with a cup in bed while I check my emails, comments and Facebook.  Probably not the best idea to have a white duvet on the bed but I do and so far it has survived with only a couple little tan spots appearing on it over time.  I am the most careful of coffee drinkers, I … [Read more...]

If I Really Wanted to Be Happy I Would…..

A couple of weeks ago a sermon that I heard really hit me.  To the point of actually taking notes in the margins of the bulletin which does not happen all that often.  I guess I was paying attention.  Or maybe it was because the children's sermon involved a smiley face.  Or maybe it was the title of the sermon "Laughter as God's Grace".  Maybe it was the day.  Maybe it was the way the wind was blowing that Sunday morning but for whatever reason I loved the message that sunny warm Iowa … [Read more...]

29 and Counting!

Today is our anniversary.  29 years of wedding bliss.  Really!  It has been!  We have had one fight in those 29 years and it was in the first year of our marriage when I was facing living in Florida with those unfortunate characters--cockroaches.  On one occasion when I opened the medicine cabinet to discover one waving his long antennas at me I screamed for help and my darling groom told me to "grow a spine" .  Now that did not go over too well with me.  But I soldiered on and that was the end … [Read more...]

Who I Am

Blogging is a wonderful and mysterious thing.  I have stumbled upon a great blog where they offer up writing prompts every week (found it through my fabulous bloggy friend, Bernie over at One Mixed Bag).  I am just getting this one in under the wire of the cut off but if you are interested in reading more head on over to The Lightning and The Lightning -Bug to join in the fun.   This week's prompt that I am just barely getting to is as follows: We want you to share a post that essentially … [Read more...]

Dear Miss Insecurity

My friend, Bernie, over at One Mixed Bag used a writing prompt from The Lightning and the Lightning Bug today and I think it is such a great idea that I am going to do it, too, and jump on in!! Thanks, Bernie, for the great letter you wrote---here is mine!  The instructions are to write a letter to yourself at age 16.  Here it goes!   Dear Miss Insecurity, I just wanted to let you know that life is going to be so great for you!  Right now you are in a a funk.  You think that you … [Read more...]

Things That Make Me Happy

So I started my list......I am trying to use the ThingsToBeHappyAbout site to create my list but it is not behaving too well so not sure how this is going to turn out here. Yesterday when I was driving and yet another person pulled out in front of me at the HyVee/Kmart/Burger King intersection close to my house I decided that instead of whining and complaining about the horrible drivers here I should just be happy that I don't HAVE to go that way---there is another way out of the subdivision … [Read more...]

My Great Find!

You know how sometimes you find something that just gets you excited and makes you want to tell everyone about your great find?   Well---I have found it and if you are a friend of mine with a birthday coming up or some other occasion you can bet that this is what you are going to get!!!   So don't go out and buy it!   Yet.   I am probably one of the last people to get on the bandwagon for this book but I love it!  To be honest with you I am not sure how I found out about it---I think that I was … [Read more...]

Season of Happiness

I haven't really written much of worth lately.   I know that I have several readers who log in daily to see what pearls of wisdom I have to offer and quite honestly I haven't felt too wise lately.   Not sure what the deal is but I guess my mojo is off???   I don't pretend to be the best writer or most knowledgeable about writing but I do enjoy sharing my mundane life for some reason!   I  guess it goes back to my need to share!   I need the attention, maybe?? Though I always "say" I don't like … [Read more...]