Scribbled Notes

I mistakenly left my shopping list on the kitchen counter the other day. Chris laughed at the list and thought it was a little bizarre the combination of items that appeared in my scrawling handwriting but I saw nothing out of the ordinary about it whatsoever. I mean who doesn't shop for beauty and cosmetic items and things for the outdoor critters??? You all know that I love the handwritten notes that my brother in law, Carlton, always used to leave me when we were living with him. Here is … [Read more...]

The Written Word

How many people write letters anymore?  I mean the good old fashioned kind complete with salutation, body and closing??   I got to thinking about that today as I was perusing a wonderful website that my friend Bernie, over at One Mixed Bag, had posted on Facebook.  It was an awesome link to a website entitled Letters of Note.  The letter that she posted was one from Richard Feynman to his dead wife.   I told Bernie that this one struck a chord with me primarily because when we were much younger … [Read more...]


So today I was cleaning the last of the closets here at the Chiles Estate.   I had put off cleaning them out for some reason.  I think I ran out of steam.  It was down to the coats and the jackets and it was harder than I thought.  My father in law had a lot of coats.  A lot.  They were crammed in the hall closet and we had already gone through and taken some out that we could pass on. One of the things that I had the forethought to do was check the pockets.  You never know, do you, what … [Read more...]