Guest Post by T. B. Markinson

Today I am thrilled to have T. B. Markinson do a guest post about her newly released second novel---Marionette.  This blogging world is a big and wonderful place and I found T. B. awhile ago and started following her personal blog at 50 Year Project and have totally loved it. When she broke the news that her first book, A Woman Lost, was coming out I jumped on the bandwagon and cheered her on.  Now she shares a bit about her latest novel and I could not be happier to share my blog with her … [Read more...]

The Official Tally!

The results are in!!!   I am so excited to report that the Comments for a Cause, Crisis Intervention Services, here in Mason City will receive a whopping $ 192.50 in donations of movie gift cards, gas cards and other needed items for their clients to use due to 385  comments on my blog, Facebook and personal emails that came through this month in support of this great organization.  I am very excited as this is my highest total yet!!!!   I have been doing this for 11 months now and it is so neat … [Read more...]

My Fleeting Moment

If you read yesterday's post you know that I was almost famous.  Today I am going to have my 15 minutes of fame, thanks to The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh!   He promised to let me do a guest blog on his great blog even though I did not win the 2 million view guessing contest--what a guy!  So I reworked a post and even though parts of it may sound familiar I would LOVE it if you stopped over there and checked it out.  Just click on this link here and it will take you right on over there. Click … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day, Ya”ll!

Just can't say enough about my own mom. Today is the day we all start to think about our mothers and the role they have played in our lives. I have been blessed. I know that not everyone can say that they have had a good relationship with their mom but I always have. Well... other than a few years in teenagedom when there was a lot of eye rolling on my part and I thought she knew absolutely nothing!!! Thank goodness I came to my senses. One of my new bloggy friends is quite talented and I … [Read more...]