River City Sculpture Walk 2014-2015—-A Delightful Afternoon Walk

Last year I did several posts on the local River City Sculptures on Parade in Mason City.  I loved each and every sculpture that graced our city and told everyone I could to go see them.  There is just something special about each one of them and I was a big cheerleader for the entire series.  I think the work that has gone into getting these sculptures to our city has been magnificent. You can imagine that I was thrilled when several were purchased to remain in our city. Probably the biggest … [Read more...]

River City Sculptures on Parade–The Final Post

This week I have been sharing the sculptures that are featured here in Mason City for a special exhibit that the city is hosting. The sculptures are on display, voting is taking place and most of them are actually for sale also.  It was a fun afternoon checking them all out and snapping some shots of them.  Chris's brother, Carlton, had fun walking the tour with us and checking them all out.  We all picked our favorites and on Monday Carlton turned in our official ballots at the library .  Now … [Read more...]