An Attitude of Gratitude

To be ungrateful is sinful.  It is a failure to repay a moral debt.  There are degrees of ungratefulness. The first degree is to neglect to return a favor.  The second degree is to take no notice of the favor. The lowest degree in ingratitude is to fail even to admit to one's self that a favor has been given.  We are all familiar with ungrateful people--people who accept favors as if they were theirs by right, people who never thank anyone for favors, and people who never return a favor.  Such … [Read more...]

Gratitude Dance

My friend, Jen, posted this on her Facebook page for all of her "Yoof" to see....well....I loved it and thought that it was a perfect Sunday post.  A little intro as written on YouTube: There are no weekend box office charts for online videos. But if there were, at the top of nearly every list right now might well be a four-and-a-half-minute video called "Dancing." In just a month since its online release, it has been viewed by more than ten million people. After 14 months of traveling in 42 … [Read more...]