You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

Did you read the title of that correctly?  I know you did!  Today's post is all about words. All about language and some quirks that you may or may not know. I love words.  I love how I can learn new words every single day.  I never will run out of learning new words and apparently there are even more new words that are acceptable. According to this CNN article there is now a new Official Scrabble dictionary that has added 5,000 new words including "selfie" and "hashtag".   Now if my Words … [Read more...]

I’m On The List

I am on the list.  Not just one list.  EVERYONE'S list!  Logged on to check email and I had around 232 new emails that came in overnight.  Now mind you---I am really not that popular!  I wish I was!!!Out of those emails there were probably about 10 that were blog subscription emails of bloggers I follow .   I do better reading those who actually have that "subscription email button " on their blog.  That is why that is the only thing I use on mine---it is just easier for me to get the actual … [Read more...]

Google Invests In Wind Power Line : The Two-Way : NPR

Google Invests In Wind Power Line : The Two-Way : NPR. … [Read more...]

Did You Check Out Google Today???

Google. … [Read more...]