Wordless Wednesday

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I Survived

For those of you who might have been a tad worried about me and the closet cleaning project.....I survived.   Beth Ann 1---Closet 0.  Well, kind of.   There is still a lot left in the closet but there is a lot that is not!   The picture on yesterday's post, by the way, was NOT my clothes pile---just a random picture pulled off the internet so I am not quite THAT bad.   But there was the potential.... It made me think alot about stuff as I cleaned yesterday.  I mean, really, why do I have all … [Read more...]

Someone May Need to Check on Me!!!!

Some people will be saving lives today.  Some people will be teaching children new and amazing things.  Some people will be serving others.  Some people may even be learning how to do some new and innovation thing.  Some people will be writing, reading and doing sums. Not me. Today I tackle my bedroom closet.  Where does it all come from?   I used to be so organized and neat.  I still am in "some parts" of my life but my clothes closet has gotten ahead of me. My life has changed and I … [Read more...]